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Where to begin?

There are many ways to write a song. The song can be something personal to you or a fictitious story. It can be about something in history or something that could happen in the future. I could go on and on, but it should mean something to YOU.

Lyrics or Music first?

I always get the question, “do you write the lyrics or the music first?”. For me, it’s how I feel at the moment. Sometimes, I start with the song title or I start with a cord progression. Sometimes, I write all the lyrics first and then put music to them. These are the most frequent ways I create a song. Occasionally, I complete the songs music entirely and then write the lyrics and melody. I did this for a song I just wrote called Love and Jesus”. I wrote and recorded the piano part having no idea what the song was going to be about. After I completed the music, words come to me in an instant. That’s the way my favorite songs usually happen.

Don’t play an instrument?

If you don’t play in instrument there are many apps that will let you create music. Of course, you can enlist the help of a musician or a paid service that will put music to your lyrics.

Your thoughts, questions or comments

Please give me your thoughts, comments or questions regarding songwriting.

Thanks, Eric Brooke